Premium school management


Premium school management is a cloud-based continuous learning suite that is built with learners’ experience in mind to engage users with intuitive, consumer-like app functionality. Litmos learning can exist anywhere it needs to and there’s no training program…



Seamless education delivery
Acquire students, manage the institution’s brand, offer books, and other essentials, track student and employee activity, maintain records, forge educational and professional alliances and more from a from a single unified dashboard.

Adaptive faculty management
Track faculty activity, assign classes and up-skilling opportunities, increase faculty productivity, ensure faculty well-being, manage payroll, facilitate strategic alliances and conclaves, disseminate faculty publications, and more seamlessly.

End-to-end student management
Connect with the teaching community, collaborate with thought-leaders, identify trainers and mentors. Find support and creative outlets.

Complete control on your teaching style
Create lesson plans, or interactive courses. Add videos & presentations. Curate content. Teach the way you’d like to. Ken 42 enables you, inspires you & grows with you.

Seamless exams, assignments and grading experience
Assign projects and extra work easily. Check on their status, grade and share without having to carry records with you. Assess any time and anywere.

Community and networking support
Ken allows you to connect with the larger teaching community, thought-leaders and trainers. So your craft gets all the support it needs.


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